March Chapter Meeting - Blessed Are They Who Show Mercy

Post date: Mar 12, 2016 6:13:10 PM

Greetings! At our next chapter meeting, we will be continuing our study of Cardinal Kasper's "Mercy: The Essence of the Gospel and the Key to Christian Life." We will be discussing Chapter 6, "Blessed Are They Who Show Mercy." As a reminder, Tim will be providing treats and Joey will be giving the reflection at Morning Prayer. Please pray for discernment regarding who should be elected as our new Mission Coordinator.For all those interested in learning more about Lay Dominicans, I highly encourage you to come to the initiate formation as we will have more time to answer your questions.

Initiates and Candidates will be meeting on 8:15 AM. Initiates are studying Unit 3 of the Initiate Formation packet, entitled "Prayer." Candidates are studying Unit 6 "Dominican Saints".

The regular meeting for everyone else is at 9 AM.

We will be meeting at Holy Rosary Catholic Church on Saturday, March 19th in the main office on 18th St. Parking will be on 18th street, instead of the parking lot. The address for Holy Rosary is: 2424 18th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404. Candidates will be meeting at 8:15 AM.